All of our consultations are free, this includes your ‘from’ price estimation, but does not include your site inspection. As this happens when your design process begins. For any more information on this dont hesitate to contact us

Construction times vary depending on the size and requirements of your build, but they can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, from the contract signing to delivery. 


We specialise in pre fabrication timber and roofing, modular homes, tiny homes and basically anything that involves making your space economically efficient. 


The cabins and modular builds can be placed wherever you like! As there is the option to have cabins built on a trailer you can move them until your hearts content.

We will also have cabins available to rent on Air B&B in the not too distant future. 


Our builds can be used for whatever you want them to be;  A back yard office, an adult tree house, a holiday home, coffee shop, art studio, pop up shop. The possibilities are endless, and we will ensure to make your cabin perfect for whatever the purpose.